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The Forest Green color option for the BYD Atto 3 goes live in 2023


The Forest Green color option for the BYD Atto 3 goes live in 2023

In the Australian market, BYD introduced the Atto 3, its first electric vehicle. Prior to the introduction of a fourth special red color, it was only available in three colors at first.

According to a post made by EV Direct, BYD’s importer, a fifth color is currently being added to the configurator on Wednesday, January 11. It’s called “Forest Green,” and it looks very different from the brighter greens on other manufacturers’ vehicles.

Customers who placed orders for a brand-new Atto 3 would receive this as an option. The following is the content of a Facebook post made by EV Direct to announce the addition of this new color to the product line:

“BYD Atto 3 in Forest Green Available for brand-new orders on Wednesday, January 11th.

At the moment, it is unknown whether the Forest Green color will only be available on the more expensive Extended version of the Atto 3 or whether it will be available on both the Standard and Extended versions.

Similar to the other three paint colors, it is also likely that the new paint will cost an additional $700. The white is the only color that comes standard with the Atto 3 range and does not cost extra.

The brand-new Forest Green is anticipated to be added to the configurator today and will be available to customers placing orders starting today. The current wait time for the available colors is April or May, so it’s likely that the new Forest Green color will follow suit.

In addition, there are reports that the first batch of red Atto 3 electric SUVs has arrived in Australia. These paint colors are exclusive to the Atto 3.

Ian McNicol first reported it on the BYD EV Owners Australia Facebook group earlier this week.


Ian took pictures of a number of red Atto 3s that will be ready for delivery to customers in the coming weeks. This is good news for many customers who have been anxiously awaiting their red Atto 3 for months.

In the local market, the Atto 3 has been extremely popular, with 2113 units sold in 2022. So far, they’ve all been blue, white, or grey.

The addition of new colors is only beneficial because they provide factory options rather than requiring customers to paint their vehicles after delivery.

In comparison to the $700 special paints that BYD has offered to local customers, this is another very expensive option that can cost thousands.

One of Australia’s newest, ground-up EV brands will have a big year in 2023. Customers will have more options and possibly new models coming, which can only be good for EV adoption in Australia.

A video showing a new Forest Green left-hand drive BYD Atto 3 (called a Yuan Plus in China).

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