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God of War Ragnarok developer has joined Wonder Woman


God of War Ragnarok developer has joined Wonder Woman

Mila Pavlin, the creator of God of War Ragnarok, has joined Monolith Productions’ upcoming Wonder Woman game. The ex-Sony Santa Monica worker admitted that she had been with this studio for about a week before discussing it in public. According to Pavlin’s announcement and Twitter bio, her role as Wonder Woman will be comparable to her role in the most recent God of War game.

Warner Bros. revealed at the end of 2021 that Middle-Earth: Monolith Productions, creators of Shadow of Mordor, plan to make an open-world Wonder Woman game as their next project. Since the majority of fans had anticipated that the developer’s next project would be a sequel to Middle-Earth: War’s Shadow. Regardless, the game’s creator clearly cares about it, and with the help of a former God of War developer, it now appears that accessibility will be a priority for the team: Developer of Ragnarok.

Job postings in the months leading up to the announcement showed that Monolith Productions was getting ready to start working on a new game and continued to hire people as the project progressed. The former Sony Santa Monica executive made the public announcement in a recent post that she had joined Monolith Productions to work on the upcoming Wonder Woman video game. Pavlin was credited as the lead user experience designer for God of War Ragnarok, where he specifically contributed to the design of the game’s accessibility features. She mentioned that she is the Design Director UX on the new Wonder Woman game and praised the team’s commitment to accessibility.

Monolith Productions is a studio whose work dates all the way back to 1997. However, it became more well-known after Middle-Earth: 2014’s Shadow of Mordor The Nemesis System was praised by many of the Game of the Year winners for the game. Middle-Earth, the game’s direct sequel: Due to its extensive use of microtransactions and loot boxes, Shadow of War was a more contentious game. Shadow of War’s microtransactions were removed in the middle of 2018.

The upcoming game from Monolith Productions is unknown to the greatest extent. The Nemesis System from the Middle-Earth games, according to reports, will be used in Wonder Woman, which will be an open-world experience. However, a release date for the game could still be years away. However, the title character would probably be proud of the game’s apparent dedication to accessibility features.

The movie Wonder Woman is currently in the works.

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